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Here is a list of our currently available home sites, most are in residential subdivisions. We do our best to update the website as frequently as possible, but we may have additional lots available that are not yet listed here. Please feel free to call or email for any questions or to ask for specific information on any of the below house lots. 


Lot 16 Balsam Drive (Sold)
Lot 17 Balsam Drive (pending)
Lot 18 Balsam Drive (pending)
Lot 19 Balsam Drive (Sold)
Lot 20 Balsam Drive
Lot 21 Balsam Drive (on hold)
Lot 46 Balsam Drive
Lot 45 Balsam Drive
Lot 44 Balsam Drive
Lot 43 Balsam Drive


Lot 38A Patterson Rd (Sold)
Lot 38b Patterson Rd (pending)
Lot 8 Bowen Drive (5 Bowen Drive)
Lot 11 Bowen Drive (15 Bowen Drive)
Lot 17 Bowen Drive (55 Bowen Drive)
Lot 19 Bowen Drive (65 Bowen Drive)
Lot 51 Foster Ave (Oldfield Estates)
Lot 25 Foster Ave (Oldfield Estates)


Lot 1 Madison Drive
Lot 9 Madison Drive
4255 Union St
4263 Union St


155 Copeland Hill Rd